Ladies Ministry

The purpose of the Auburn Church of Christ Women’s Ministry is to provide opportunities for the women of the congregation, both residents and students, which will strengthen our relationships with each other as well as provide avenues of outreach and service. The Women’s Ministry steering committee meets quarterly to review the work of the areas of ministry described below. Each woman in the congregation is encouraged to find an area she can be actively involved in; and to be aware of other opportunities that she may wish to initiate.


Overnight Retreat (contact Taten Shirley)
Usually held on a weekend during January, this retreat provides a time for fellowship, praise and worship, and spiritual edification and renewal. Speakers have been from both within our congregation and from outside. The retreat provides an excellent opportunity to renew our love for God and for each other.

Bible Classes
A Women’s Bible class is held every Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. at the south end of the building. Childcare is provided. Topics and teachers vary.
Occasionally, other Bible studies include, but are not limited to, a weekly study using Beth Moore workbooks and videos.

Prayer Groups (contact Linda Clemens)

Caring Sisters
This area of sharing and encouragement shows our support for every woman, student or resident, who makes a public response. The response may be to place membership, to correct her relationship with God, or to share her joy or concern for something.


Time Out
These events are scheduled at various times throughout the year and include: game nights, a Wear Something Red Christmas Tea, book clubs, area trips, movie nights, young moms’ programs, and a special fellowship time honoring women who have placed membership at the congregation in the past year. Other Time Out activities do not need to be organized by the steering committee, but can be initiated by other women of the congregation.

Baby and Wedding Showers (contact Robyn Little for baby showers and April Click for wedding showers)
These showers are provided for residents or the children of residents.

Wishing Well Shower (contact Mary Brinkerhoff and Emily Sims)
With a large college student population at our congregation, the number of wedding showers can be overwhelming. This special wedding shower/reception provides an opportunity for the congregation to honor several couples at a time.


Welcome Baskets (contact Linda Steed)
Welcome Baskets are a way to welcome new members and frequent visitors to our congregation as well as new neighbors in our community. As names are received from the church office, a volunteer delivers one of the women’s ministry cookbooks, a church directory, and a homemade baked item to the family.


Kitchen Maintenance
Meals for New Moms (contact Jerilee Fuller)
Meals for the Sick (contact Mary Lou Stone)
Meals for Bereaved Families (contact Kaye White & Shanna Willingham)
Washing and Maintenance of Baptismal Garments (contact Emily Sims)


Ladies Bulletin Board (contact Lydia Tignor)