Following biblical teaching, the Church looks to Jesus Christ as its head. However, to facilitate its work and accomplish its mission the Church must depend upon the efforts of individual Christians who serve in various ways. Therefore, we function with elders, deacons, ministers, full-time staff, and many very active members who have important roles and responsibilities.


An elder is one who cares for the spiritual growth and well-being of each member of the congregation. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of men with whom we entrust the direction, the care, and the growth of our church family.

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A deacon is someone who helps out the elders of a congregation. We are truly blessed at the Auburn Church of Christ to have such a wonderful group of men serving as our deacons.

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We are blessed at the Auburn Church to have full-time ministers who, collectively, have over 50 years of experience in full-time ministry.

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Our church would not function without our full-time staff.

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Ministry Interns

Our congregation has a rich heritage of training those interested in the possibility of pursuing full-time careers in ministry

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