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12/30/07 Growing Spiritually in 2008 Tom Steed mp3
12/23/07 Meeting Jesus at the Mall (#2) Tom Steed mp3
12/16/07 Meeting Jesus at the Mall (#1) Tom Steed mp3
12/9/07 Mark Series:  How Do I Look? Jim Brinkerhoff mp3
12/2/07 What Would You Do To Reach The
Tom Steed mp3
11/25/07 Ultimate Victory is in Jesus Christ Tom Steed mp3
11/18/07 We’re Not There Yet Tom Steed mp3
11/11/07 Matters Most: Mark 12:28-34 Jim Brinkerhoff mp3
11/4/07 Homecoming Sunday Bible Class Todd Zeiler mp3
11/4/07 Homecoming Sunday Morning Worship Todd Zeiler mp3
10/28/07 We Are the Children of God Tom Steed mp3
10/21/07 Broken To See God Andy Sanders mp3
10/14/07 Having our Father’s Spirit Tom Steed mp3
10/7/07 Life Through the Spirit Tom Steed Not Recorded
9/30/07 No Condemnation Romans 8 Tom Steed mp3
9/23/07 The Failure of Bootstrap Religion Tom Steed mp3
9/16/07 Letter or Spirit? Tom Steed mp3
9/9/07 Raising Questions Jim Brinkerhoff mp3
9/2/07 What Color is Your Spiritual Parachute? Tom Steed mp3
8/26/07 How To Handle Freedom Tom Steed mp3
8/19/07 Keep Your Eyes on Jesus Tom Steed mp3 ppt
8/12/07 God’s Politics Jim Brinkerhoff mp3 ppt
8/5/07 Living In Harmonious Fellowship Morris Ware mp3 ppt
7/29/07 Reading the Warning Signs of Impending
Bob Forrester mp3
7/22/07 Submitting to Each
Randell Goodman mp3
7/15/07 Mark Series:  Who Rules Your Life? Jim Brinkerhoff mp3
7/08/07 Submitting to God: Pleasing
Our Father
Tom Padgett mp3
7/01/07 Free to Serve:Christian Freedom
Joe Morgan mp3
6/24/07 The Paradox of Christian Freedom Pete Henderson mp3
6/17/07 Bitter or Better Jim Stone mp3
6/10/07 Unity and Harmony in the Lord’s
Frank Swinson mp3
5/27/07 Recovering a Sense of Purpose:
Through the Spirit
Tom Steed mp3
5/20/07 Recovering a Sense of Purpose:
Through the Word
Tom Steed mp3
5/13/07 Gourmet Peanut Butter and Jelly
Tom Steed mp3
5/6/07 Mark Series:  Hiding From God Jim Brinkerhoff mp3
4/29/07 Slaves to Righteousness Romans
6 & 7
Tom Steed mp3
4/22/07 From Life to Death Tom Steed mp3
4/8/07 The Awe Inspiring Power of the
Tom Steed mp3
4/1/07 Invisible Fools Jacob Michael mp3
3/25/07 Cast Your Bread Upon the Water Tom Steed mp3
3/18/07 Mark Series: Missing God Jim Brinkerhoff mp3
3/11/07 Honoring Our Christian Teachers Tom Steed mp3
3/4/07 The Church’ Agenda Tom Steed mp3
2/25/07 Setting Spiritual Tom Steed mp3
2/18/07 The Story of Your Life Dave Morgan mp3
2/11/07 Mark Series: The Way Jim Brinkerhoff mp3
2/4/07 Our Father’s Business Tom Steed mp3
1/28/07 Living Intentionally Tom Steed mp3
1/21/07 Mark Series:  Boss or Bless? Jim Brinkerhoff mp3
1/07/07 Mission-ary Tom Steed mp3